Wednesday, May 5, 2010

'Til We Meet Again

I leave tomorrow for drama camp. I'm so excited!!! All you girls' comments were so sweet & supportive. I'll miss being able to blog as often as I want to. I'll get on when I can, though. I fully expect to weigh 90 pounds when I get back.
Stay strong over the summer all of ya! <3 I hope & pray each one of you is able to find happiness in your life, whether you find it in Ana or in recovery.
I love you all!!!!!!


  1. enjoy drama camp! i hope you have a superbly awesome time just like you deserve and that you get wherever you want to be.

    take care of yourself, *hugs* xo

  2. i hope you have an awesome awesome time :)

  3. Have fun.


  4. Hey!

    I saw your blog and I just wanted to pop in and tell you about . It's a blog network specifically for people who have eating disorders. It's a great community, and there's all sorts of cool stuff! Tons of themes to choose from and lots of options! Also, once you've had a blog for a month, you can apply to be part of the revenue sharing program, and a percentage of the money that the ads bring in!

    Anyways, I just wanted to say hi, and tell you about it. You look like you'd fit in well with DisorderedBlogs. :)

    If you ever want to talk, feel free to email me!

  5. Hey I just found you blog, and I hope you have I wonderful time over the summer. Can't wait until you get back and start blogging again.
    Rachel x