Thursday, April 29, 2010

I may be leaving for a while... :(

It's almost summer. I have a great opportunity to be a counselor at a drama camp. I would absolutely love to work with some amazing directors, teach other kids & teens what I've learned, learn more about the theatre myself, & be able to put this experience on scholarship aplications. :) I would miss blogging & reading your blogs so much. :( I'd be around occasionally, but not a lot. There are other things I would miss too. Watching my bros play soccer, 2 long runs a day, hanging out with my girls, bonfires in the backyard, staying up all night just looking at the stars. My buddy, Will, & I were thinking of starting a band. My sister, Heather, wants me to stay with her for a few months. Instead I would be spending my days with middle school "drama queens" in every sense of the word. I'd be drilling them on their lines, demonstrating the same choreography thousands of times, letting them paint my face with stage makeup over & over, spending late nights with power tools in hand constructing the set, & then painting it & fixing all their mistakes. Put like that it doesn't sound fun, but I really would love it. We'll see. It's a lot to think about. It would definitely be good exercise. And I would definitely be able to avoid eating, though if anyone caught on I would be under a lot of pressure. I don't know what I'm gonna do. Wish me luck.


  1. it sounds like an amazing opportunity, how often do places like that come up? especially involving something you clearly love.

    i have a similar dilemma, except mine isn't really a dilemma cause i know what i'm going to choose - a science bursary, getting paid and no eating or hanging out with my friends while i become poorer and fatter. lol, i'm choosing the former ;)

    your comment on my blog was so sweet, thank you! i never really thought of people being magical but i guess they are. not in the traditional sense of magic but even so, cool idea.

    keep smiling xxx

  2. I think that it is a great opportunity, but if you should sleep on it and see what you think in the morning :) xo.

  3. I think that sounds like so much fun!! :) If you do decide to go, you're going to have a great time =]